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Ryad Boudebouz : "We need points"

The Stéphanois midfielder intends to continue the 3-victory streak and earn points and confidence against Amiens (Sunday, 5pm).

What is your opinion of the match last Thursday against Oleksandria?

We would have liked to have won. If you analyze the match, we had the opportunities to do it. We have to dominate more. Right now, we’ll need to perform a feat there and defeat La Gantoise next on our home turf. Qualifying is still possible. We believe in it. As long as we’re in the game mathematically, we will fight to be in the top two in the running.

What is your judgement of your last few performances?

I’m beginning to feel good again. I try to work, to listen to the instructions of the coach. The beginning of my season was difficult. Both personally and collectively. We’re big boys, we have to stand on our own two feet, reverse the trend. That’s where we see real men. Recently, we’ve been starting to do this again. And we’re climbing in the rankings.

Which solutions do you use when a situation is difficult?

I work. I stay with my loved ones, I concentrate on the job to be done, what I must improve. Critics are part of the job. I try to focus on the positive, enjoy the beautiful job that we do. In Spain, I went through difficult periods. That allowed me to mature.

Even when individually you’re not doing so well?

I always want to play. When the team plays a good match, like against Wolfsburg, I cannot allow myself to show that I am frustrated. We’re competitors, we all want to be on the field. I was furious but the team played a very good match. Three days later, seeing myself as a starting player in Lyon gave me a boost. When I saw Robert (Beric) score, I was content, happy, relieved. I wanted to show that the situation annoyed me. I wanted to prove that I could help the team. The Derby, it was the ideal match to respond and react.

What will you need in order to continue the positive three consecutive victory streak Sunday against Amiens?

Confidence. We need points. Like the coach said, we’re behind from an accounting point of view. Winning Sunday would allow us to come closer to being in a good place. With rigour, collective effort, we’ll get there. We’re playing two matches in a row on our home turf. It will be important for the end of the year. In Bordeaux, we remained concentrated. It wasn’t always good, but we were solid and we earned three points. For the moment, we’re content to win.

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