Arnaud Nordin:

Arnaud Nordin: "We are all competitors"

The young winger trained by ASSE, starting player Friday at the Stade des Costières, is expecting a different match, this Wednesday, when the Verts enter the running for the Coupe de la Ligue BKT. Like he explained to the media, the Stéphanois are returning to Nîmes with the sole objective of obtaining their qualification.

Pros Mardi 30 Octobre 2018 à 15h02

What is your analysis of your match in Nîmes, Friday (1-1)?

It was very pleasing to be a starting player, to see my name among the names of the eleven starting players. I tried to give it my all, to contribute my strengths. I think I delivered a fairly good performance in the first half. It was more complicated after the break. I can do much better and that will come with time. We’re disappointed with the outcome because we had the objective of taking points despite the complicated context of the match. We want to catch up starting tomorrow (Wednesday).

Will you want revenge after having conceded the tie during the second half?

It will be a different context from that of the championship. It’s a do-or-die match. If you lose, it’s over. We’re going there with the desire to qualify because we want to go as far as possible. We’re all competitors. Will we want revenge? We really want to do better. I don’t think that we’re vengeful but we’re going there to represent ourselves better than we did Friday..

What is your opinion of Nîmes Olympique?

It’s a difficult team to play. We feel that they have true control on their field, their fans help them with that. It’s a complicated place. Friday, we had two faces. It’s difficult to explain. We have to be consistent, find a steady pace so that we deliver the same quality performance during the two halves. Physically, we’re good, but sometimes our instincts are lacking. From their side of the field, they pushed us back a lot.

Five days after the championship, are you expecting a similar match?

Their coach will change the starting line-up. I find that logical, especially since they have a few glitches. Whoever their eleven starting players are, we have to go there to win. It’s a very good team. I faced them last season. They’re good technically. What’s more, they have this extra drive that allows them to outdo themselves and perform incredible feats.

How do you see the first months of the season?

I have to continue working, progressing, coming through. During the training sessions, I rub shoulders with good and great players, which makes progress enormously. The coach allows me to show my qualities when necessary. That’s what’s most important.

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