#DERBY Pros Friday 28 Feb 2020 à 16h31

Yohan Cabaye : "Play with our head and our heart"

The international midfielder of ASSE sees the team’s daily work as a reason to hope for the end of the season. And assures that the Verts are ready to fight this Sunday (9pm in Lyon).

Has the team completely digested the tie conceded to Reims (1-1) last Sunday on their home turf?

We left this match frustrated due to the goal let in during additional time. But we used this frustration to prepare for the derby. And we worked well.

As a leader, how do you mobilize your teammates, especially the youngest?

I’m already happy to play consecutive matches. I’m not afraid of being a leader on the field. I have the age and the experience to take on this role, especially with young people. I get along well with everyone even if I am quite reserved off the field. We have talented young players. I try to be an example by showing them that you have to be involved at the training sessions. When you’re involved at the training sessions, you have a better chance of being recompensed the day of the match. This is the message that I want to spread to the youths. I tell them to continue to work, to be patient and to remain positive.

Can the context of the derby further strengthen your motivation?

It’s obviously a special match for the club and the fans. We will have to play it with our head and our heart. We’ll have to approach it with much determination and not have any regrets at the blow of the final whistle. Even if Lyon obtained a good result against la Juve, we will be at the match and ready to fight in order to deliver a great performance.

How do you explain the team’s negative period?

We’re very far from what we were hoping for at the beginning of the season. We lack confidence in regards of recent results. We were not spared from injuries. None of the players have had the same level of physical performance at the same time. Three months of competition remain. We knew that we must do much better in order to have better results. Luckily, the state of mind is there. It’s by staying united that we’ll get out of this situation. Our objective is still to earn as many points as possible. A victory against Reims would have done us much good and would have given us some breathing room. But the scenario of this match pushes you to give more. Against Reims, I felt the team to be more solid and more intelligent in regards of managing their efforts. We had less difficulties than during previous matches. Despite the situation of the club, the team is solid. We’re all determined to change the results. By the way, we still worked very, very well this week at the training sessions. I am convinced that success will soon be ours.