Yannis Salibur:

Yannis Salibur: "Assert our strengths"

Despite the accumulation of postponed matches and injuries that are affecting ASSE, Yannis Salibur is positive. The Stépahnois winger is convinced that the victory will only be greater if the Verts manage to impose themselves in these conditions.

Pros Friday 14 December 2018 à 15h16

How do you react to the postponements of matches?

We’re professional, we know that these are things that can happen so we try to adapt to the situation. And then right now, there are things much more serious than sports or the frozen grounds. There are events that touch us all because we’re French. You have to know how to look around and adapt. Anyway, each team is affected by these postponements. We have to adapt and continue to play as well as we did during the last few matches.

Was the team affected by the outcomes of the last two matches you played as an away team?

In Lyon, we lost due to a dead ball situation and in Bordeaux also. Those are things we have to fix but, during the game, we weren’t bad. These situations were unfavorable for us with the injuries of Debuch and Subo (Mathieu Debuchy and Neven Subotic) but I think that with a bit more concentration, we could have taken points. On the other hand, our match against Nantes was successful. We’ve realized some strong plays, these are things to remember and to confirm for the next match.

What is your understanding of the trip to Nice with the absence of several starting players?

Our team has grown and the absence of certain starting players will weigh on us but will not prevent us from thinking about victory. It will maybe make us play differently but we have to put it in our minds to go seek victory. Feeling sorry for ourselves will not get us anything. We have to think positive because it’s even more enjoyable to win in these conditions.

What is your opinion of Nice’s team?

They have a fairly solid defense and talented offensive players. It will be up to us to assert our strengths, we have to want to win more than them. Anyway, we always play to win. There’s still two matches before the break so the ideal thing to do would be to take 6 points in order to finish the year on a positive note. That’s always important before the winter break.

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