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Yann M’Vila: «I can contribute more»

With two days to go before the trip that will bring him to the stadium of the club where he got his start, Yann M’Vila describes the current shape of ASSE and his personal contribution to the club.
Do you still have regrets concerning the tie game against Dijon?
Against Dijon, we knew we were going to have the ball and that we would have to be cautious of their counter-attacks. Those are things that we have to correct so that they don’t happen during the next few matches. We’re conscious of having conceded two goals but that’s all in the past now. We quickly got back to work to prepare for the match against Rennes.
Jean-Louis Gasset highlighted your influence on the outcome of the game. How do you feel about that?
I have the full confidence of the coach, so I try my best for him. He’s aware of my qualities as a player, he knows that I like to have possession of the ball. That’s one of my qualities that he appreciates, he likes to play the same kind of game. Today, I have no more physical problems, I played 7 matches and I’m close to those who are performing at 100%. I’m eager to attain this level because I know that I can contribute more by trying to make an assist or to score myself. But I don’t forget to take care of the defensive tasks so that I can leave a bit of the field open for Ole.
Ole Selnaes and you, working together as midfielders, form an impressive pair. How do you feel about your partnership?
We communicate a lot whether that is in English or in French and we know football, we analyze situations in the same way. Generally, we have a very good group with high-quality players, everyone is invested. We really see the contribution of players on the bench. We recognize that on the field, we see that in the number of passes, we may just have to be more combative when we approach the other team’s net. Since my arrival, my acclimatization was fairly quick but I have to say that it’s a championship that I know well. Also, when you have a coach like Jean-Louis Gasset, things can only go well. To give back to him for everything he’s done, we have to play good matches and give 100%, even if it means ask for substitution if we have attained our limits.

What do you think of your decision to join ASSE and be back in the French championship?
I made a good choice but I thought long and hard on it. It was a really good experience for me to discover other championships, which made me stronger mentally, above all because of the Premier League. I’m happy to have left and happy to have returned to Ligue 1, to France, which brings me closer to my family. For me, everyone has changed, it’s an opportunity for me to prove myself again. I want to show that I’m always present and that I’ve changed. I’m more calm, more experienced. I try to help the young players around me progress, to have them learn from my experience. The next step in my career? I have a year and a half contract but I’m not thinking about what I’ll do next right now. What really interests me is to finish the season well. I’ll take stock of the situation in May.
Does Rennes’ ranking (5th) surprise you?
No, I’m not surprised. They have a high-quality player that I knew in Sunderland: Wahbi Khazri. If he’s playing as a midfielder, I’ll do everything to stop his momentum, if he gets closer to the net, we have the defenders needed to take care of him.
Do you think this match will indicate a transition for ASSE?
We just want to win, earn three points to put some distance between us and the teams who are a bit lower in the rankings than us. We have the qualities necessary to get to 5th place but that’s not the goal. We just want to get closer to maintaining our Ligue 1 status, finish in the upper rankings and finish the season well.
The trip to Rennes will be, for you, an opportunity to visit the club where you got your start...
Yes, it’s there that everything started for me: my training, my professional career, I still have ties and acquaintances in Rennes. I’m happy to be going back.

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