Pros Friday 12 April 2019 à 14h47

Yann M'Vila : "The Europa League, that would be great"

Before Bordeaux arrives, the midfielder expressed the feeling of revenge that is driving the Verts and their desire to play in the Europa League next season.

Have you moved past the frustration caused by the tie game in Amiens?

It’s a match we must forget. We really wanted to win but we made the match difficult for ourselves. Concerning our motivation and our mindset it wasn’t that. Luckily our adversaries in the rankings didn’t take advantage of that.

Which player do you feel the best with in the midfield?

Valentin Vada and Youssef Aït Bennasser are two players who are really at ease on a technical level, I feel well with both of them. For me, it makes no difference on the field. When it’s Rémy Cabella that’s with me in the midfield, our responsibilities are evenly distributed. I focus on defensive tasks to cover him and leave him the freedom to play his game.

What type of match are you expecting from Bordeaux?

Bordeaux has been in a different mindset for a few days. We’ll have to be wary of this team. Every match is difficult, but you can’t put pressure on yourself. Every team that we’ve thought of the rankings, we wanted to do so well that we messed up our match. It’s for this reason that we can only think of ourselves and concentrate on our match.

What objective is the team giving itself for the end of the season?

Many of us are thinking of the Europa League. I would also like to play in the Europa League with Saint-Étienne, it’s a club that deserves it. When we see our fans in the championship, it would be great to see the ambiance that there would be in the Europa League. I also dream of playing in the Champions League. My teammates know this but they don’t feel pressured to accomplish this. It’s a competition that all players dream of but I have time. I’m only 28 years old and I’m enjoying being in Saint-Étienne. I’m happy here.

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