Pros Thursday 20 September 2018 à 16h26

Yann M'Vila: «It's the right moment»

ASSE’s number 6 wants to make the match against Caen the is beginning of a great streak.

How will the team and you tackle the match against Caen?

We know that this is a delicate time for us. The objective is to start a good streak, and to do so beginning Saturday. We have to get back to what we were doing last season, work and try to understand one another. We have instincts, of course, but there are many players who have arrived and the break. Teams are starting to get to know us.

What will that translate into?

Other teams are much more eager to play us and don’t play against us the same way. When I go for the ball, there’s someone on me, individual covering. We have to get ourselves out of that, change tactics. Matches aren’t played on paper, it takes more determination when it’s your time to shine. We speak of it amongst ourselves and we re-evaluate ourselves. «Capi» (Loïc Perrin) speaks about it, Jessy (Moulin) too. That’s also my role. There are experienced players capable of helping the team.

What lessons did you learn from your defeat in the Parc des Princes?

We learned from the score which is hard to bear but we want to above all learn from the first half. We want to try to play two halves like the first one that we played in the Parc des Princes.

Saturday you’ll have the support of your « true » supporters…

Everyone is not yet at 100%, but it’s the right moment, on our home turf, with the two kops, to once again taste victory. The fans will be super important for us. That’ll give us confidence. I hope that our performance will please them. And that our performance will please ourselves as well.

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