Valentin Vada :

Valentin Vada : "Everyone is on the same wavelength"

This Friday, during the press conference preceding the trip to Reims (this Sunday at 5 p.m.), the Argentinean outlined the human qualities of a team that is aiming for the European Cup and that is tacking the last stage of the season with confidence.

Pros Friday 19 April 2019 à 15h16

How did you experience the success against Bordeaux (3-0)?

It was difficult to not play because facing the Girondins, for me, that’s something special as I grew up in Bordeaux and now I play for ASSE. I’m happy that my teammates did the job. In the first half, we suffered against the pressure they put on us. After the break we saw the true face of ASSE and we won.

What will be the team’s number one asset for the final sprint?

Among the players, the ambiance is incredible. Everyone is on the same wavelength, whether that be the staff or the players. That’s been our strength these last few months. It’s moreover what I’ve felt since my arrival here. I was very well welcomed a the club and they placed their trust in me. We still have six matches in order to obtain a collective goal that everyone wants.

Is the expectation of the fans an additional pressure?

ASSE is a club that’s used to the Europa League and that needs this for the city and its fans. For us, it’s not a pressure, just a desire to give our all to achieve it. You really have to be humble and deliver good performance after good performance until the end.

What is your opinion of Reims, your adversary Sunday?

It’s a solid team, that defends very well, and that rarely loses on their home turf. It will be complicated because they’re difficult to outmanoeuvre. We’re going there with humility but with our objective at the forefront of our minds. I hope that we’ll play a great match.

Are you already thinking of your future in regards of next season?

I’m concentrated on Saint-Étienne and the last six matches. Here, everything pleases me. I like the club, the city. And, the fans, it’s madness! I feel well. For my future, we’ll see how things go later.

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