Pros Wednesday 06 November 2019 à 17h10

Stéphane Ruffier : "Correct our mistakes in the European theatre"

The Stéphanois goalie, who knows the UEFA Europa League well, is determined to continue the Verts’ positive streak on the continental stage.

How are you tackling this match against Oleksandria?

We don’t have a choice if we want to continue to exist in this competition. We’ve known how to correct the situation and earn good results since the arrival of the coach. We’ve regained a certain balance. It was already a lot better during the first leg. We now have to establish this correction in the European theatre. It’s not necessarily a final, but, given our ranking, every match becomes important for us.

What will you have to change in regards of the first leg?

We’ve regained a defensive base and we’re very difficult to outmanoeuver. But if we want to win tomorrow (Thursday), we’ll have to score goals. That’s maybe where we lack a bit of efficiency. It’s better, it’s starting to come, but we must perform better. Scoring is the most difficult part of Football.

What has changed for you and your partners since the arrival of Claude Puel at the head of the team?

The coach insists enormously on the technical aspect of the game. He gives us a lot of rigour and this is also why we’ve regained our defensive solidity (3 clean sheets during the last 4 Ligue 1 Conforama matches). Like every new coach, he has his way of working. After a good month with him, we adapted well to his way of doing things. And you can see that because our results are positive.

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