Pros Thursday 14 March 2019 à 15h58

Romain Hamouma : "We are going to fight"

ASSE’s number 21 opened up without digressing before the match against Caen, his former club. Sincere and determined, the Stéphanois striker wants a fresh start in Normandy.

What is your opinion of the team’s current dynamic?

We’re in a bit of a delicate period. Unfortunately, we haven’t been spared injuries. We’re also playing a bit worse on the field and we feel that. Especially on the attack, when we feel that we have trouble taking the balls out. We lack confidence and we miss simple things. Despite everything, we did not appear incompetent facing the great teams. Except in Marseille where they completely passed us by. We must remain concentrated on ourselves because we’re our own worst enemy. Let’s get our heads back on straight.

Do you still believe you can obtain a qualification for the European Cup at the end of the season?

Of course! We’re really holding all the cards! We believe it, we’re going to fight.

How did you experience the preparation for the trip to Caen?

The team was a bit rejuvenated this week. It’s important that everyone feels concentrated. I’m confident about that. I try to bring my experience even if I haven’t been at the top of my game for my last few performances. I have to do a lot more, I’m certain.

What type of competition are you expecting Saturday evening in Caen?

Like in Guingamp or Dijon, that is to say closed matches, it will be complicated. Caen plays their all. They’ll really want to win, they’ll go there to fight. We’ll have to be on and win the match. It’s been a long time since I left the club, many things have changed, but they’re going through something difficult. I like this club, I knew a few players and I’m disappointed for them.

Are you particularly attentive to your statistics?

Having good statistics is pleasing but there are many things that come into play during a match. Scoring is the most difficult thing about Football. I’m looking for that, and luckily. But, I’m convinced that I can play a good match without scoring. I’m not there for the spotlight. Discretion suits me very well.

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