Pros Tuesday 24 September 2019 à 16h00

Romain Hamouma : "A team saddened by the situation"

The Stéphanois striker did not shirk his responsibilities and delivered a message of unity on the eve of the match against FC Metz.

How is the team navigating this difficult period?

We’re certainly having a bad time of it. It’s not the beginning of the season we imagined, but it is only the beginning of the season. We have the opportunity to react. It’s difficult but we’re going to remain solid because we need everyone. We’re going to overcome that. The schedule offers us the chance of playing again quickly and expelling our doubts.

What has been lacking these last few weeks?

Against Toulouse, we were consistent. We pushed, we deserved to score a third goal and to win. That could have given us confidence for the next match. In Gand, we let in a goal quickly and that hurt us. In Angers, it was the goal let in at the beginning of the second period that weakened us. The lack of confidence is the principal cause of our poor results. We have very good players but that isn’t sufficient. Collectively, we must be stronger and united. We were in a difficult situation two years ago and this experience must help us to overcome this difficult period. 

Do you feel the players are aware of the situation?

Of course! We are truly concerned by everything that is happening. Everyone is conversing. We’re behind the coach like we’ve always been. We are unhappy about this situation, him like us. We are fully with him. It’s a difficult period, but we must be in solidarity with our coach like he is with us. We must return the confidence that he has given us. It’s up to us to challenge ourselves and to return the club to where it must be.

With what mindset are you tackling the match against Metz?

This is Football. We’re men and we’re going to stand on our two feet in front of our fans. There remains a balance of power that we must be determined to win. That’s all! Winning would ease our wound. But then, we’ll need to win again. Tomorrow’s match (Wednesday) is very important, we all know it. We must tackle it with much serenity. We can’t panic, that would serve no purpose.

We feel you’re determined to react.

All players in the locker room are unanimous. The team is saddened by the situation. I’m disappointed by it because we work hard at the training sessions. Confidence is the basis of the sport. No matter the player, no matter his quality. Confidence comes from playing, from doing things well. It’s a whole. We must remain solid, together. If that’s the case, we’ll be fine. The coach does good work. I’m behind the coach. He’s very good. The players must be focused on tomorrow’s match (Wednesday) and on delivering a good performance.

In this context, can the support of the Stéphanois fans be a major asset?

We need our fans. They support us, they push us. They numbered 1000 in Gand. We have the duty of making them proud. I swear to you that we’re capable of better. I have enormous confidence in this team. Our captain, Loïc Perrin, is a big help. Many great players are on this team. The assistant coaches help us and put us in the best possible conditions. We have the ability to reverse this situation.

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