Pros Saturday 10 March 2018 à 22h42

Recruits that score !

With the goal scored this Saturday evening by Neven Subotic, four of the five recruits from ASSE’s winter transfer window have already scored goals in the championship. In total, the new arrivals have scored 10 goals in all competitions.
With two defenders, a midfielder and two strikers, ASSE has reinforced itself quantitatively as much as it has qualitatively this winter. These are recruits who leave a mark, literally and figuratively. Four of the five recruits have already scored goals.
The first to score? Robert Beric, of course. The Slovene striker did not wait long to celebrate his return to Forez. The number 27 came down hard on Nîmes, during the Coupe de France (2-0) and kept it up against Toulouse (2-0), Marseille (2-2), Angers (1-0) then scored twice against Dijon (2-2). In total, Beric has scored 6 goals since the beginning of the year. At home in the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium, he has an incredible average of one goal every 69 minutes and just celebrated scoring two goals during one match for the first time since he donned the Stéphanois colours.
Perhaps inspired by his teammate, Mathieu Debuchy also celebrated joining the Verts by scoring a goal. In Amiens, a few kilometres from Fretin where he was born, the international, right-back scored his first goal during a match that the Verts dominated and won (2-0). By delivering spectacular performances, this player from the north of France also won the hearts of the Green People by scoring a second goal during the derby that represents a huge, personal accomplishment as he was able to even the score at the 90th minute during the 116th encounter between Saint-Etienne and Lyon.

Paul-Georges Ntep s’est offert une grande première dans la chaleur du Chaudron. Alors que les Verts sont menés face au SM Caen, l’ailier surgit au deuxième poteau et égalise d’un plat du pied droit chirurgical. Quelques pas de danses au pied du Kop Nord en guise de célébration et le jeune attaquant est adopté.
Paul-Georges Ntep scored a great, first goal in the heat of the Cauldron. While the Verts had fallen behind during their match against Caen, the winger surged ahead to the goal post and tied the game for the Verts with a kick that was surgically precise. A few dance moves to celebrate his goal and the young striker was adopted by the Green People.
Finally, this Saturday evening, it was Neven Subotic who scored his first goal wearing his new colours. The Serbian giant jumped higher than all the other players to head butt a corner kick made by Romain Hamouma to score a goal for Saint Etienne against Rennes (1-1).
In total, in all competitions, the winter recruits have already scored 10 times since the beginning of the year. The contribution of the recruits has allowed ASSE to prolong an undefeated streak consisting of 7 consecutive matches (3 victories, 4 tie games) since the closing of the winter transfer window.

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