Ole Selnaes:

Ole Selnaes: "Winning on our own turf will not be enough"

The Verts are undefeated this season on their home turf (6 victories, 2 tie games), but now they want to improve on this track record as an away team. Especially Selnaes.

Pros Tuesday 04 December 2018 à 14h45

Is the victory against Nantes the best match that you’ve played to date?

It was a very good match on our part. I don’t know if it was our best match of this season but we demonstrated that we know how to take control of things from the beginning of a match. It took us a bit of time to score the first goal but I was confident because we quickly had openings to score. Finally, we managed to score three goals and logically to win this match.

For you like for the while team, is the trip to Bordeaux an opportunity to confirm your new quality of performance?

The team is confident. We’ve had good matches lately, especially on our home turf. From a personal point of view, I feel like I’m still improving. I’m no longer young, but I’m not very old, all the same. I try to assume a greater significance on the field. Off the field, I’m still a shy person, even if I think that the people who know me better could tell you that I’m also an extrovert.

Are you obsessed with scoring your first goal as one of the Verts?

Honestly, I don’t think a lot about scoring. That was never my best quality. Despite everything, I should think about it because it’s already been three years since I arrived here and I still haven’t found my way to the net. Sometimes, when I’m in a position to score, unconsciously, I think that I won’t be able to score so I pass. That turned out especially well for me against Reims, when I assisted Wahbi (Khazri).

How do you explain the team’s track record at the Cauldron and the team’s track record as an away team?

I think that it’s always easier to play on your home turf. We already have amazing fans, a lot of support and we feel confident on our field. But, our skills are good enough to win matches as an away team. For me, with the team that we have, we can play as an away team just as well as we play at the Cauldron. This will be essential if we want to be well placed in the rankings. Winning on our home turf will not be enough.

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