Pros Thursday 08 Aug 2019 à 15h20

Miguel Trauco : "I like to play under pressure

The latest recruit of the Stéphanois mercato, the lateral player revealed his pleasure of signing with a symbolic team whose fans have an immeasurable fervour.

What are your first impressions of Saint-Étienne?

In comparison to Rio de Janeiro, the environment is totally different, but I find the city to be beautiful and welcoming. Anyway, what counts is Football. I’m coming here with the desire to play, to display myself and to experience the Europa League. Saint-Étienne is known everywhere in the world. It’s a team that has a tradition and that has played for several years the top teams of a championship that numbers among the five most competitive in the world. I also know that the fans here have a passion comparable to that of the Brazilians. It’s for this reason that I wanted to go meet them at the end of the training session. The passion of the fans counts a lot for me, I hope to make the most of it.

How do you feel physically today?

I’m still adapting because of the time difference but physically I feel well. After the end of the season, I participated in the Copa America which finished last Sunday then I started training with Flamengo, the next day. In my case, I try to be as professional as possible in order to recover well. Because even if I didn’t play every match with Flamengo last season, I’ve always given all of myself. The most important thing is to give everything you have each time that they call on you.

What type of player are you?

I’m an offensive player that likes to go past my playing zone, cross the ball and make decisive passes. I think that I have to still improve, especially in regards of the defensive aspect of the game. I’m counting on the staff and my teammates to help me to progress in this field. I am also the type of player who likes to play under this pressure that I could feel in Brazil for Flamengo or for the national selection of Peru. I have the feeling that that helps me on the field. I hope by the way to pass on the fervour of the Green Nation to Peru and Brazil.