#ASSESRFC Pros Wednesday 04 Mar 2020 à 16h01

Mahdi Camara : "A match unlike any other"


The midfielder trained at ASSE explains the difference that the reception of Stade Rennais represents this Thursday in the semi-final of the Coupe de France.

Is the reception of Rennes this Thursday different?

It’s a match unlike any other. We are all committed to bringing our fans to the Stade de France, to redeem ourselves and to earn confidence by winning this match. Success would be a breadth of fresh air. And, in addition, it’s the opportunity to play a final of the Coupe de France, an event that the club has not experienced for a long time.

How did you experience the derby?

Being suspended, my view point is one of someone outside looking in. We were timid in the first period. We came back with other intentions in the second half, we hindered them without being able to score. Losing a derby is always frustrating. We have the obligation of working to get back on track. The fans are always there for us and I think that the atmosphere will be great Thursday. I have confidence in them so that they push us like they have since the beginning of the season.

Can this semi-final be considered a defining moment?

I think and I hope that we’ll once again have confidence during this match in order to finish the season in the best manner possible. Even if this match is different, we will have to keep a cool head to react well. It’s a semi-final with the possibility of playing a match in the Stade de France.

What is your judgement of your season?

It’s difficult to make an individual analysis when the results are not there. The coach trusted me, he made me play. I had worse shots but I always gave it my all on the field when they called on me. Playing consecutive matches, it feels good. Every player loves this. I can progress in many areas because this is only my first season with the elite. Athletically, I work much with the staff. My six months on loan to Laval were beneficial. I progressed and learned much. This summer, I was thinking that I would have a card to play in this team. So I did not want to go elsewhere so that I could establish myself at ASSE.

What role do your midfield partners have in your progression?

I am conscious of working with players who have great careers like Yann M’Vila and Yohan Cabaye. The two have always helped me and I thank them. The competition is very healthy. They give me advice and make me share their experience. Frankly, we help each other.