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Loïc Perrin : "Our objective is six points"

Pour la grande première de la saison à domicile, ce dimanche (15h), le capitaine stéphanois vise trois points supplémentaires contre Brest et espère un accueil festif pour ses partenaires qui découvriront le Chaudron.

What do you think of the way in which the Verts have begun their season?

The objective is to earn six points after the first two matches so we’re halfway there. And it’s also important to win the first match, especially as an away team. The positive point against Dijon, was the beginning of the match and our effective control. What we still must improve, is our consistency. Overall, this match is still satisfying because the beginning of every season is important. It’s good to position yourself well right away to cushion yourself in case of a complicated period. You also have to take advantage of these moments when you only play once a week before the Coupe d’Europe matches begin.

Have the new additions to the defensive sector worked well in your opinion?

Everything went very well even with the late arrival of Miguel (Trauco) but it’s up to us, the players that have been there the longest in the locker room, to integrate these new players despite the language barrier. It’s good to start with a victory, that gives them confidence.

How do you feel physically?

I didn’t have an ideal preparation period because my knee delayed it but I’m happy to have played this first match. I have to continue working at the training sessions and in matches in order to continue to feel better physically.

Is the team better than last season?

The results will tell us that. In any case, the skeleton of the team is still composed of experienced players and was completed by the arrival of the next generation of players. And with Ryad Boudebouz, we managed to find a good replacement for Rémy Cabella. It’s important to have a certain continuity, with the coach as well, so we don’t have to start from zero. Which gives us points of references and some certainties despite the number of new additions to the team. The team is still getting along as well as always. There’s a good ambiance, that’s one of the key things for having a good season.

What objectives have you given yourselves?

We always want to do at least as well as we did last season. That won’t be simple because last season we delivered a truly great performance and we profited from Marseille’s and Monaco’s poor seasons. Where we can truly improve, is in the national cups.

What are the differences between Ghislain Printant and Jean-Louis Gasset?

Jean-Louis Gasset and Ghislain Printant have the same Football philosophy, this same desire to play. In regards of Ghislain, he hasn’t changed his style. He’s the type of coach who trusts his players. He gives us the confidence to bring out our best.

What is your opinion of the match against Brest this Sunday?

We’ll be the favourite to win but we’ll have to show it on the field and it’s never simple because every match is complicated. We’ll have to continue to be serious and to have fun. Even if the North kop is closed for this match, I hope that the new players who are playing in the Cauldron for the first time enjoy themselves there.

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