Loïc Perrin:

Loïc Perrin: "Incredible moments to experience"

The Stéphanois captain knows the derby better than anyone else and knows what a victory against their neighbour represents for the Green Nation. Sunday, in the Cauldron, they want to experience once again one of these unforgettable evenings.

Pros Saturday 19 January 2019 à 15h58

How do you tackle a derby when you’re ahead in the rankings?

It’s an opportunity. Being ahead in the rankings, I would say that it’s all the better and that it’s a good sign for us because, at the beginning, we didn’t have the same ambitions. The goal is to leave them in our dust at the sound of the final whistle, win this match and share in the delight with our fans. Those are moments that no one forgets.

Exactly, which derby will you never forget?

The greatest one is still the one that ended with a final score of 3-0, because we hadn’t won on our home turf for a long time. It was a great celebration. Playing these matches is exciting. These types of matches, especially those that have a good final result, they’re incredible moments to experience.

Jean-Louis Gasset was speaking of Sunday like a great day…

We did what was necessary at the beginning of the season and just before Christmas in order to be ready. The best way to prepare for a match is to win the match before that one. We managed to win in Guingamp then against Marseille. It was the best thing for us before tackling such a special match.

What is your judgement of OL?

They’re irregular like many teams, besides Paris who dominates easily. They have strong key players, international players. They’re akin to teams like Marseille, against whom we didn’t feel their present challenges. They’re two teams with players that can tip a match in their favour.

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