Jean-Louis Gasset:

Jean-Louis Gasset: "We overcome everything"

The Stéphanois coach, although disappointed by the defeat in the Derby, wants to quickly bounce back in order to put the negative outcome of this match in the past.

Pros Monday 21 January 2019 à 00h11

What are you feeling after such a disappointment?

Frankly, I knew that his job was cruel but, right now, it’s hard. There’s frustration. When you don’t play the match you want to play, you can think: we could have done it, we should have done it. But, the two teams had openings to score. It’s a match that should have finished in a tie. And, we lost the game at the last second.

What is your analysis of this match?

We played the match that we wanted to play. I had promised the fans that the state of mind would be there. We gave it our all. It was a good match, with great opportunities to score. There were two or three situations where we still ask ourselves how we didn’t score. Afterwards, it was a catastrophic situation. Against teams like those that are superior to yours, that practically play with four strikers, you have to know how to suffer and how to counter. We did that very well. But, there’s an efficiency problem. Lyon plays with four international players and called in two more. This evening, it’s difficult.

What did you say to your players?

I will only speak to them tomorrow because, for the moment, they’re a bit shattered. I will congratulate them on their performance. I will tell them that we stood up to a team scheduled to play in the Champions League. And also that the season isn’t finished yet, that there remain many points to take in order to achieve our goals. I know that the Derby is important for the fans. I hope that they saw that we gave everything we had. When you lose at the last second against anyone, it’s hard. But, when it’s in the Derby, of which I feel the importance, it’s even more difficult.

How will you bounce back now?

We overcome everything. That’s part of life. We lost a match that we played, that we played well even. We lost it at the last second. We’re fourth in the rankings, so still where we should be. 17 matches remain. We have to remain united, quickly clear our minds because we’re playing a Cup match Wednesday, then playing Saturday in Nantes.

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