Jean-Louis Gasset:

Jean-Louis Gasset: "The youths responded well"

After the tie game in Nice (1-1), the Stéphanois coach was satisfied with the performance of his players from the ASSE Academy.

Pros Sunday 16 December 2018 à 20h28

Are you satisfied with the point obtained against Nice?

My impression is so so. Before the match, with a team that was missing a lot of players, we would have been happy if we had known we would earn one point. But after having scored the first goal of the game with eleven against ten and after having seen the goalie’s blocks, we tell ourselves that we could have won. We could have also lost due to a kick made in front of the net at the end of the match. On arrival, we put a halt to a bad series of results as an away team. Overall, I think that we had a good match defensively and we made openings that allowed us to score. It’s a fair outcome.

Is ASSE justified in having some regrets?

When you play a match with a team as young as this one, when you expend as much energy as we did with a good state of mind and when you fall behind, it’s a bit disappointing but we took a point as an away team. We’re going to try to improve on this when Dijon arrives at the Cauldron Saturday and we’re going to finish this period of the championship with 30 points despite having a match postponed. That wouldn’t be bad.

What feeling do the twists and turns of the match leave you with?

It was an unlikely situation. At this moment, the course of each of our matches is unlikely. Nice had to play with ten players and then us too. We had a great opening and then the goalie blocked the ball, then Nice had a huge opening and they missed. That’s Football. You have to be efficient in order to take three points. Today, we had our good moments and our bad moments, so we only took one point.

What do you think of the performance delivered by the rejuvenated team that you put together?

When you’re down six starting players, it’s hard to construct a team but the youths responded well. The substitutes who are 17, 20 and 21 years old quickly made the game their own. For certain players, it was their first appearance, we’re in the process of promoting the ASSE Academy. With the injuries and the suspensions, we had to trust them and that’s what we did. They didn’t disappoint, they must continue on this path.

ASSE is now in 5th place. What does this ranking inspire in you?

It’s a good ranking, a ranking that gives us a qualification for European spot. Many teams like Bordeaux, Rennes, Lille and Montpellier can set their sights on 5th place. Having tied on the home turf of a direct competitor is a good thing but we’ll have to defeat Dijon next week in order to finish 2018 on a high note. Next, we’ll have to be very strong for the second half of the season like last season in order to secure our qualification at the end of the season.

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