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Jean-Louis Gasset: «We never give up»

Even if he would have liked to have seen his team win the match that they dominated, the Stéphanois tactician appreciated the combative values of his players, who were able to recover after falling behind not once but twice.
What is your opinion of this encounter?
We scored two goals, that’s all well and good, but we also let in two. Their striker (Tavares) is a very powerful player, he scores a lot of goals. We were aware of their abilities, I told you that before the match. We expected to score goals, but I was hoping to score just one more. Locked at 1-1 at halftime, that was hard for us to bear.
What is your opinion of your team’s reaction capacity, who were able to even the score twice?
Those are values that we didn’t have not too long ago. We never give up. We created openings to score and it’s at these moments that we have to pay attention because we can end up paying for the slightest error. Football is often like that.
Do your regrets haunt you?
I make the best of things by saying that we’re continuing our undefeated streak even if we would have liked to have moved up to the highest section of the rankings by winning tonight. We went out to get at least the one point we earned tonight and we’re happy about that. It’s never too late to make a comeback, we proved that, but a victory is never guaranteed either because the other teams have the same attitude as us, when they fall behind they have as much desire to turn the tables on their opponents as us. With the openings that we had, I’m very hopeful for the future.
Robert Beric delivered an amazing performance by scoring two more goals...
Robert Beric could have scored three goals in the first 30 minutes. He scored the most difficult goal, the one that let us initially even the score. He’s currently the symbol of our team. The fact that he scored twice is good for him. The most difficult thing in Football is to score. Sometimes on the bench we have the impression that you have to shoot instead of passing and trying to get around your opponents, or the opposite. We missed out on getting a penalty kick. Other players have gone through the same thing. But he never gives up. The two goals he scored represent openings that were more difficult to capitalize on than those that he did not. That’s how matches are for strikers.

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