Jean-Louis Gasset: “A strong feeling of injustice”

Jean-Louis Gasset: “A strong feeling of injustice”

After the defeat in Rennes (3-0), ASSE’s coach spoke of the decisions made by the referees that dramatically changed the match.

Pros Sunday 10 February 2019 à 20h13

In what state of mind are you after such a match, marked by a series of negative events for your team?

It was a catastrophic afternoon. We lost 3-0, we were given 2 red cards and 3 yellow cards due to very contentious events.

This isn’t the first time that ASSE was wronged by the referees during an away game…

We still have progress to make so that all referees officiate the same way. There was a contentious event that became the turning point of the match. If we had managed to tie, that would have changed the match. We could have made our adversaries doubt themselves. There have now been two or three away games during which I had this strong feeling of injustice.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your team despite the severity of the score?

The score is misleading! With an experimental team, it would have made sense. The quality of our performance was good, we passed the ball well. We had a good first half but were not efficient. Our technique wasn’t as refined certainly and logically because our instincts weren’t honed. Our two recruits must be at 100% physically so that they can help us in the mission for which they joined us.

How can you once again taste victory?

We have to find our game again and get our morale back. For that, there’s nothing better, even if two tribunes are empty, than playing once again in the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in three days.

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