Pros Saturday 10 March 2018 à 22h47

Jean-Louis Gasset: «A bit of regrets»

Even though the Verts earned their seventh positive result in a row, Jean-Louis Gasset feels a bit frustrated because of the draw conceded by his players after a good game.
What is your opinion about tonight’s draw ?
We had planned to leave the ball to our opponent and to try counter-attack. It would have been the perfect scenario if we had managed to score this second goal. If you do not hurt your opponent, you let him alive and you give him the possibility to score in the last minutes.
Even though you didn’t win, you keep your positive trend, with your seventh unbeaten game in a row. Are you satisfied with it ?
I am a positive man and I consider this one is a very positive trend indeed. However, in the light of the way we played, I have some regrets with the result of this game. We should have won but we played on an away game against an opponent which had momentum, currently fifth in the championship ranking. All games are difficult. Many teams drew tonight. Everybody is fighting for an objective : european spots, maintaining one’s statuts in the Ligue 1… All games are a fight. When one have the possibility to close a game, one have to do it.
What was missing to ASSE tonight in order to win the game ?
We didn’t perform in front of the goal. We had 7 or 8 counter-attacks and we played good only three times. If the score was 2-0, thanks to our technique and abilities, we would have made it. But I don’t have anything to reproach to my players. They had a good state of mind, a good organization, they made efforts. They are fantastic. With Beric sick and Tannane who was for the first time in the group, I would have liked to have more players on the bench but I did my best with our possibilities.

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