Jean-Louis Gasset: "An irreproachable state of mind"

For its coach, ASSE has set the record straight by scoring three goals against FC Nnantes (3-0). It’s a victory that means a lot!

Pros Friday 30 November 2018 à 23h48

Are you satisfied with the performance of your team?

The two comments that I heard after our match against Nîmes concerned our state of mind and our efficiency. Today, our state of mind was irreproachable and we scored three goals with few openings to score. We weren’t far from playing our best match to date, which is what I was expecting from the team anyway.

Did you appreciate Robert Beric’s and Yannis Salibur’s performance?

I didn’t criticize Beric or Salibur after the match against Nîmes. They are some of the assets needed on a team and used depending on one’s adversaries. Today, they were great when they stepped onto the field during the match.

Will this great success create a new dynamic?

The situation wasn’t catastrophic after the match against Nîmes and today after this victory, we won’t be jumping for joy either. We still have four difficult matches to play before the break (trips to Bordeaux and Nice, Marseille and Dijon will come to the Cauldron). We’ll have handle them the best we can with our physical hiccups and our suspension, so that we don’t become aggravated.

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