Pros Thursday 01 March 2018 à 15h17

Gabriel Silva: «It’s the work that makes the difference»

Before facing Dijon, this Saturday (8pm), the Brazilian defender reminds us of the importance of hard work for ASSE’s recovery. Even if the Verts have finished five matches without defeat, he reminds us that the team must remain humble.
After having had one week to reflect on the match against Lyon, what is your opinion of this tie game?
We wanted to play a great game and we would have loved to have won but we gave it our all. We fell behind and the fact that we succeeded in evening the score is incredible. We know that the derby is an important match, the point we earned in Lyon is very important as well.
What does this result change for the rest of the season?
For the moment we’re doing our utmost to follow coach’s instructions. Having played five matches without losing gives us a reason to live more joyfully on a daily basis but for the moment, we have to continue to work and to take the matches one at a time. This week, we’ll face Dijon who has obtained good results. If we’re still as close to qualifying for the UEFA Champions League towards the end of the championship, we’ll see.
What did you think of the fans’ reception of the team just as you were leaving for Lyon, last week?
That made me think of my experiences in Brazil. Since my arrival here, I haven’t had the opportunity to see such support. It’s incredible for a player to experience this type of thing, that gives us even more energy, that pushes us to give 120%.
For several weeks, ASSE has been well on the rise. What changed in your opinion?
Our state of mind has evolved a lot. After our period of bad results, we really reassessed ourselves...It was a difficult moment but everyone was doing their best to be better. When we got to the point we’re we thought we would descend to Ligue 2, there was an additional realization, we stressed working as hard as possible during the training sessions and with the arrival of the recruits, our confidence came back. Because they’re players that have played for very good teams all over the world, they brought their desire to win to the team. With them, we continued to work from the same perspective. For me, it’s really the work that makes the difference.
How do you feel being a part of this new team?
I feel very well being a part of this team and in Saint-Etienne. In the beginning, I had to adapt to a new environment but today, I feel very well with my teammates, with the staff and with the other members of the club.

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