• Lundi 29 Septembre
    Entrainement des pros
    - Décrassage
  • Mardi 30 Septembre
    Entrainement des pros
    10h - Centre d'entraînement de L'Etrat
  • Mercredi 01 Octobre
    Entrainement des pros
  • Jeudi 02 Octobre
    Ligue Europa (J2) : ASSE – Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk
    21h05 - Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
  • Vendredi 03 Octobre
    Entraînement des pros
    Décrassage - Centre d'entraînement de L'Etrat
  • Samedi 04 Octobre
    Entrainement des pros
  • Dimanche 05 Octobre
    Ligue 1 (J9) : ASSE - Toulouse
    14h - Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
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History of the Club


A color for ever: Green; a mythical stadium: the Chaudron; an anthem: "Allez les Verts", a unique record of achievements: the only club to have a star on its shirt signifying 10 French championship titles, 52 players selected for the French national side… Just a few highlights in the history of the AS Saint-Étienne Football Club, founded in 1933. But above all, ASSE is a legendary club because of its record, its roots, its popularity and its media impact, all of which has given it enviable popularity over the past 30 years. Loved by the whole of France in the 1970s, ASSE marked French football as no one had yet done and as no one would do after. In this respect the team from the 1973-1977 period was named as the best ever French team by L’Equipe Magazine in 2006.

Key dates for Saint-Étienne Football Club

June 1933 Pierre GUICHARD creates the Association Sportive de SAINT-ETIENNE for the club to be open to professionalism.
1938 ASSE are promoted to Division 1.
1957 ASSE wins its first French Champions title and participates for the first time in the European Champions Cup against the Scottish team Glasgow Rangers.
1962 ASSE wins its first Coupe de France (French Cup) against Nancy (1-0).
1968 ASSE wins its first double, which was followed by three others in 1970, 1974 and 1975.
1976 Finalist in the European Champions Cup against the German team Bayern Munich (0-1).
1981 ASSE wins its tenth French Championship title by beating Bordeaux on the last day.
May 2004 ASSE wins its third French Champions title in the Orange 2nd Division.
June 2004 Bernard Caïazzo becomes the SASP ASSE Loire president.
2004 ASSE is promoted back into the Orange 1st Division.
2005 Sixth place in the French championship. ASSE gets back in European competitions (the Intertoto Cup).
12th and 18th March, 2009 Round of 16 of UEFA Cup vs. Werder Bremen (0-1 / 2-2)
25th September, 2010 Victory at Gerland Stadium for the 100th derby (0-1)


Professional French Championship

10 times French 1st Division Champion :

1956 – 1957
1963 – 1964
1966 – 1967
1967 – 1968
1968 – 1969
1969 – 1970
1973 – 1974
1974 – 1975
1975 – 1976
1980 – 1981
Coupe de France

6 times Winner :

Competiciones europeas

69 matches played in the European Cup including 29 victories.

European Champions Cup

1975: Semi-finalist.
1976: Finalist.
1977: Quarter finalist.

The Geoffroy-Guichard – Le Chaudron Stadium

It was on 13th September 1931 that the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium was inaugurated, named after the father of president Pierre Guichard, founder of the Casino group. From 1957 to the European Championships in 1984, the Stadium was gradually developed to increase its capacity to 47,747 spaces, including 22,200 seats. It is in this form that the Stadium had its record attendance on the 11th May 1985 when 47,717 spectators attended a quarter final of the Coupe de France against Lille. The Stadium was given its most recent facelift to host World Cup matches in 1998. Its capacity was modified to 35,616 seats. In 2007, the Stadium will host the World Cup Rugby matches. It also is a regular venue for concerts.

During the first "Open Day" organized by the club in 2006, 10,000 people came to walk on the Stadium's mythical turf. Geoffroy-Guichard has seen a certain number of transformations over its history, but it has always managed to keep its soul and its typically British architecture. Its four corners, which are open to the wind, always let out the shouts from the amazing crowds. Generations of supporters have stood in the kop sections to cheer on their team. Today the legend lives on… the Chaudron Stadium, the one and only!

Key facts :

35,616 covered seating capacity including quality seating specially for reduced mobility people with convenient parking (West and East stand).

1,500 convenient parking spaces.

Hosting facilities for partners and sponsors in the Roger Rocher and Pierre Faurand stands
Upper stands: 1,500 "prestige" seats :
  • 16 private boxes for 12 to 27 people.
  • Panoramic lounge for 100 people,
  • 1 VIP reception/catering area (Club 42): post-match restaurant for partners (100-place capacity).
  • An official "Roger ROCHER" stand with 550 spaces and access to the Lounge of Honor.
  • 1,000m² of reception area spread over three areas.
  • A private lounge for 100 people in the Upper Pierre Faurand stand.

Media area in the West stand :
  • 126 spaces for commentators for TV, radio and the written press.
  • Camera platform.
  • Press room.

Advanced technology :
  • Panoramic security System (33 closed circuit TV cameras).
  • High-performance lighting: vertical, 1,400 lux.

Sports and sanitary equipment to international standards.

Main pitch :
  • Pitch dimension: 115 x 75 m.
  • Playing field dimension: 105 x 68 m.

The Training Center

Playing the beautiful game, developing guts, daring and a rigorous approach

In just a few words, this is the very essence of the training as expressed in the general objectives of the ASSE club.

Giving a quality label to the Saint-Étienne training

Our philosophy is to give young people the ability to take their learning into their own hands and develop their culture, their taste for effort and their civic sense. All ingredients that a top level footballer, cannot neglect at the start of the third millennium if he wants to reflect the spirit of his training club.

The sports sector

The ASSE Training Center has chosen to work with "elite" groups. Each group is allocated to a qualified trainer who implements an annual training program (physical, technical, tactical) set up by the technical directorate. In the end, the objective is for 3 or 4 young people from the same age group to access professional level.

Facilities: a premium sports complex

The center is located in a stretch of green countryside on the commune of Etrat, 5 kilometers from Saint-Étienne.

Total land area: 13 Ha.
Building surface: 5,800m² on three levels.

Secure indoor parking with 50 spaces.

Fenced off area with a fence 2 meters high.

Accommodation - Catering
  • 70 single or double rooms with showers, WC and wash basins giving a total capacity of 130 beds.
  • 1 equipped kitchen.
  • 1 catering facility for 100 people.
  • 1 club restaurant for 50 guests.
Sports facilities

The Center's playing are :
  • 1 main grass pitch 105 x 68 m
  • 1 synthetic pitch 105 x 65 m
  • 1 grass playing area 2.5 Hectares
  • 3 grass playing areas 1.5 Hectares
  • 1 floodlit, covered synthetic pitch 75 x 45 m
  • 1 stabilized jogging track of 1.2 Km
  • 2 tennis courts
  • 8 changing rooms with showers and 2 referee's changing rooms
  • 1 gym with a bath, sauna and offices for a physiotherapist and doctor.
Educational facilities
  • Meeting rooms.
  • 1 conference room.
Other facilities
  • 1 equipped washing room.
  • 1 games, reading and relaxation room.
  • 1 TV room.

Partners – The Club des Étoiles

Bringing together 300 companies around the ASSE football club, with its many different possible communication options, the Club des Etoiles is intended to be a dedicated B to B business center, using the ASSE as a way of developing business.

Members of the Club des Etoiles can meet during matches but also outside of matches during lunches, evening meals, Club des Etoiles members lunches, golf tournaments… Being a member of the Club des Etoiles gives booking priority for additional places, access to the post-match restaurant and gives access to exclusive club news (SMS, newsletter).

Supporters – The Club des Verts

Since its amazing run in the European Cup, in 1976, the ASSE has gained wide popularity throughout France. We estimate a total of 300,000 supporters and 1 million people overall who have a soft spot for the club. Several groups exist. Among them the Associés Supporters (11,000 members in more than 200 sections throughout the world), the Union des Supporters Stéphanois (23 groups throughout France), the Indépendantistes Stéphanois, and not forgetting two groups that are very present in the kops: the Magic Fans (Kop North since 1991) and the Green Angels (Kop South since 1992).

The ASSE has the 6th most spectators in the 1st Division (30,000 spectators per match) and the 6th highest stadium filling level. With more than 18,000 season ticket holders (spread over 80 of the 95 French departments) the club beat its record in the 2005/06 season. For away matches, the ASSE is regularly followed by 3,000 supporters or more, as during the Intertoto Cup match in July 2005 where 10,000 Saint-Étienne supporters went to Geneva to cheer on the Verts.

Launched in June 2005, the Club des Verts brings together all ASSE fans and to date counts 40,000 members spread throughout France. By joining the club, supporters can follow news of their favorite players (newsletter, match program, video match summaries, exclusive interviews, reports, etc.) and take advantage of great offers throughout the year (money off in the shop, free SMS messages at the start of the season, etc.).

Citizen actions

"Carrying out actions to provide either medical or educational assistance for individuals or associations throughout the Loire department and its neighboring departments": this is the focus of the social mission set up by the ASSE. This mission is carried out jointly with the RES PUBLICA Association who, for the past ten years, has been involved in helping development in Africa and notably in Burkina Faso (building school buildings, drilling for drinking water, etc.).

The RES PUBLICA Association is involved in several ways in the ASSE's citizen actions: making proposals and running events, drawing up and strengthening constructive approaches intended to achieve these objectives. The financing of operations is provided by donations and, if required, supplemented in an equal measure by the ASSE and the RES PUBLICA Association.

Many operations have been run, notably "Marlon's First Steps" as well as actions to benefit the Institut Chantalouette, the Loire department's visually deficient, the "Petits princes", the league against cancer, etc.

ASSE Media: The Internet site / The official magazine

"Maillot Vert" official magazine

Maillot Vert is the AS Saint-Étienne official magazine. Now available in magazine stores throughout France at the start of every month, 84 information-packed pages with sections including reports on sources in the club and people involved, on and off the pitch, exclusive photos and interviews from all angles and games to win special ASSE prizes. "Maillot Vert" is a great place to find out what players, professionals or future professionals, really think; their pride in the glorious past and their focus on a bright future, a magazine that allows you to find out everything there is to know about life behind the scenes at the Saint-Étienne Football Club.

Internet site: www.asse.fr

In September 2005, ASSE launched its new official Internet site. Only its address www.asse.fr, remained unchanged. Everything was completely redesigned: new graphics, new design and new sections such as the online ticket sales and match highlights. With even more content, it has almost become an online magazine, to find out everything you need to know about the club. Lastly, there are direct links from the new site to the "Club des Verts", the club for all ASSE supporters, providing exclusive services free of charge to its members: media library, newsletters, goodies, participation in special operations, etc.

ASSE TV, the official AS Saint-Étienne television channel, launched in July 2006 on the CanalSat satellite, works in association with the Racing Club de Lens. ASSE matches get one of the highest levels of TV coverage every year (16 broadcasts in 2006 on Canal+, TF1, France 3 and Sport+).

Ticket sales

ASSE offers 5 ways of getting tickets for the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium.
  • At the Stadium ticket office.
  • By post.
  • By telephone.
    • The official AS Saint-Étienne ticket line: dial 3223 then say "Allez les Verts". This service allows you to buy tickets directly by telephone and to also access post-match commentary and the latest news as well as ordering new shirts…
    • The Orange Football Portal: dial 3940 then say "AS Saint-Étienne". This service also allows you to buy tickets by phone.
  • By Internet on the official site : www.asse.fr
  • In the France Billet network.
330 sales outlets throughout France (fnac, Géant, partner tourist offices).

The Saint-Étienne Football Club Store – licensed products

ASSE was a pioneer of licensed products in the football world since Roger Rocher created the Saint-Étienne Store in the 1970s and registered the ASSE brand at the INPI as early as 1976. Today, the store is managed by Made-in-Sport, a subsidiary of the PPR group. The store is next door to the Casino Cafeteria which attracts over 250,000 customers every year. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h and continuously on match days.

The Saint-Etienne Football Club Store is a megastore with over 1,000m², a mail order catalog, and also an online store that can be accessed around the clock by all Saint-Étienne fans, from wherever they want. More than 200 licensed manufacturers produce ASSE products. Still ahead of its time, the club was at the origin of a return to vintage products in football with the launch of a replica of the Manufrance shirt from the 1970s in 2004.

ASSE also organizes training courses in the summer for young people from 8 to 16 years old in the majestic setting of the Pilat Regional Park. Coached by approved trainers, these young footballers benefit from wonderful facilities.


11 rue de Verdun
42580 L’ETRAT

14 rue Pierre et Paul Guichard

Telephone: 04 77 91 17 17
Fax: 04 77 92 31 82

By plane:

Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport (45 minutes from Saint-Étienne).

By train:

Saint-Étienne Châteaucreux TGV Station (5 km from headquarters), direct link with Paris in 2h45 every day.

By motorway:

From Clermont-Ferrand, take the A72, take exit No.10 "Saint-Étienne Hôpital Nord" and continue on the D201 [360m], take the exit and take the N498 [670m], enter into Etrat, continue on the N498 [1.0km], continue on the Rue de Verdun (N498) [260m].

From Lyon take the A47, take exit "Stade Geoffroy Guichard" and continue on the D3 [2.1km], take the N498 on the left [2.7km], enter into Etrat, continue on the Rue du 8 Mai (N498) [36m], continue on the Rue de Verdun (N498) [360m].
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